A local collection and delivery service is available.

Free Puppy Introduction

Get your puppy used to the grooming environment. Many breeds need to be groomed for life so getting them used to being handled and the sounds of the salon at an early age doesn't make it so daunting. Puppies should be brought to the salon after they have had all their vaccinations.

Health Check

All dogs are given a general health check before the grooming starts. This is to make sure that there are no abnormalities since the last visit and it also helps find ticks and fleas, which could make an area uncomfortable.


All dogs are groomed out and all knots removed before being bathed.


All of the shampoos that we use are especially formulated for dogs and puppies. There are different shampoos according to the coat type. However, if you have a shampoo from your vet or a particular shampoo you would prefer then bring it along.

Clipping and Styling

We groom to your own specific needs and requirements, which are fully discussed on arrival during an initial consultation.

Hand Stripping

Various breeds need to be hand stripped instead of clipping the coat off, for example, the Border Terrier. If we clipped the coat instead of hand stripping it, then it would change texture, colour and become curly.


These will be cut if necessary. If nails get long they can become uncomfortable for the dog.

Ear Plucking and Cleaning

Not all breeds need their ears plucked, but Poodles, Beddlington Terriers, etc with a wool coat should have them done otherwise the ears can become infected.

Anal Glands

If a dog is walking along the floor or keeps chasing its tail then this can be a sign that their anal glands need some attention.